Lets face it… Nobody “wants” braces or clear aligners. It’s a Pain… Figuratively and literally. What we want is the outcome that braces or clear aligners provide us with, and we want it in the shortest time possible...at the best price possible!

That is what makes the Fastbraces® Technology the fastest growing solution for straightening teeth in the world! Using the latest in teeth mobilizing technology we are able to now straighten teeth in about Half the time of other orthodontic options.

Because the Fastbraces® Technology takes less time we are able to charge much less than other dentists or orthodontists which makes this system the most advanced and Affordable teeth straightening solution on the market today.

How the Fastbraces® Technology Works

Jignesh Patel, DDS, PLLC

Dr. Patel’s commitment to patient care is manifest in his use of the latest dental technologies, and the cultivation of an educated and caring staff. He holds his assistants and staff to the same standards, personally providing training in services and procedures that encourage them to take ownership over their work and grow as professionals. This also allows him to devote his attention to greater dental and business challenges while maintaining a higher standard of care.
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Dr. Patel has lived in the western suburbs of Chicago for most of his life. Through the quality of his dental practice and charitable activity, Dr. Patel hopes to be remembered for his selfless and positive impact on society.

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Lets compare the pros and cons of the Fastbraces® Technology to other orthodontic options

Clear Aligners
  • less noticeable to other people
  • easy to clean
  • takes More time
  • can only be used for simple corrections
  • average fee is $5,500 - $6,500
  • multiple visits
  • if retainer is not worn religiously, teeth will shift back to original state
Traditional Braces
  • can treat more complicated cases
  • rubber bands can be used for faster movement
  • braces don’t come off so teeth are constantly moving
  • average TIME in braces is 18 months
  • average fee for traditional braces is $5,000 - $6,000
Fastbraces® Technology
  • Cut your time in half with some cases done in as little as 120 days
  • Payments as low as $147 per month
  • flexible financing to provide you with low monthly payments
  • advanced technology that allows the tooth to move quickly
  • multiple colors and options to choose from
  • fewer visits for adjustments
  • I can't think of any!





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